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Pricing of Services

Quick summary of pricing

  • Tuning: Ranges from $150 to $200 (See FAQs: What exactly is tuning? and What is a pitch raise? What is A440?)

  • Pianos that have not been tuned in a while usually require more time, with a rough tuning (pitch raise) followed by a fine-tuning: $225- $275

  • It is our standard policy that any "additional" services that can be performed at the time of tuning and completed in a total of fewer than 15 minutes will be included in the tuning fee as a courtesy

  • Additional repairs, voicing, regulation, and/or services that can be done at the time of tuning: $100 per hour, pro-rated, in addition to the regular tuning rate

  • In-home service other than tuning (piano cleaning, dust removal): $100 minimum, covering any work that can be completed in 1 ½ hour or less. Otherwise, we pro-rate service at $100 per hour

  • Appraisals: $200. Includes a written assessment

  • For more extensive regulation, voicing, or similar jobs that can require additional hours, we may recommend either one-half day, or one full-day service in-home, for which we charge as follows: One-half day: $375. Full day: $750


(For a more complete description of these services, please browse our FAQs)


The proper adjustment of pitch. Unless otherwise specified, your piano will be tuned to the international standard pitch, A-440.

Service Calls - Emergencies

Available for urgent emergency tuning, repair, and adjustments.


The proper adjustment of “tone.“ Often a tuned piano only needs a few minutes of voicing to even out a few bad tones and bring the instrument back into balance.


Any of the numerous types of adjustments that can be made to improve the sensitivity and responsiveness of the keys and mechanism.

General repairs, broken strings, etc. performed at the time of tuning

This can include fixing "sticky keys," pedal problems, finding and fixing buzzes or extraneous noises, repairing broken parts, more extensive cleaning, fixing broken strings, etc.

Installation of "Dampp-Chaser" climate control systems

This is the humidifier/dehumidifier system specially designed for the piano. I help to control fluctuations in temperature, humidity, and piano stability, mostly stemming from seasonal changes

There are many system configurations, but each installation is a custom fit requiring an experienced technician. Call us and we will help you determine what you need.

Interior cleaning

This is a waterless process and cannot undo decades of neglect, but we can remove much of the surface dust and debris from the interior of the piano and soundboard. This includes vacuuming, dusting, brushing, and wiping the interior of the piano, including under the strings, and inside the action area, and takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

We can also polish the brass, clean and polish the exterior, and clean the strings.

Action reconditioning and rebuilding

Sometimes the strings and structural components of a piano are in much better condition than the mechanism. The action can be treated independently and improved in many ways. We do partial, onsite action rebuilding. Every situation is different, and we will always try to determine what will give the most improvement for the least cost.

Other times it makes no sense to try to "patch it up," and we recommend a total action rebuilding, which usually means keeping the existing keys, but replacing all the other action parts and virtually every felt.

If the value of the piano does not justify the expense we will tell you so. However, sometimes a piano is almost unplayable as it is, and we can often make significant improvements in the feel and responsiveness for much less than it would cost to replace the piano.


Sooner or later every piano deteriorates to the point that it can no longer meet the needs of the pianist. At that point, you need to decide whether it is better to rebuild your piano or buy another. Usually, it is not cost-effective to rebuild a piano unless it is a "high-end" instrument, for the simple reason that it costs the same to rebuild a “high-end” as it does to rebuild a lesser quality piano, but the results will ultimately be limited by the potential of the instrument.

Since the price of many new "entry" and even "mid-level" pianos is often less than it costs to do a top-notch rebuilding we usually advise against rebuilding any but the top-level pianos, (except in cases where the instrument has significant historic or sentimental value).

The cost for a comprehensive and “state of the art” rebuilding can be expected to fall between 60% and 75% of the retail price for a comparable new instrument. In our opinion, the client can still end up with "twice the piano" at "half the price." Let us have a look; sometimes a new, or used piano is a better choice. We will give you a fair and honest assessment of your options.

Piano moving

We can help you find the right mover. We can answer any questions you have regarding your move, and then put you in touch with them directly. The more information you can provide (how many stairs, difficult turns, etc.) the closer your estimate will be.

Estimates for Repairs

Sometimes all a client knows is that something is wrong, but has no idea what work is needed to make their piano playable again. We will come out and thoroughly assess both the piano and the needs of the pianist to help you arrive at a decision. We will always try to help get the most improvement for the least cost. In these situations, there are always options and different levels of improvement, and we will help you decide on your best options. The time required for this service is roughly comparable to regular tuning.

Often this charge can be avoided with detailed photos and video. The more we understand the situation the more likely it is that we can give you an estimate virtually.

Assistance in Piano Purchasing

Let us help you in the process of purchasing a new, and especially a used instrument. There is no charge for a phone consultation.

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